News | 07  Aug.2019

POCT Revolution Starts Here

he most important part of life is when we bring a new life into our lives. Seeing and being a part of this magical life as it develops and comes into the world is one of the greatest and most important aspects of ultrasonography. Being able to help with this magical part of life is a great honor for anyone and for SonoScape it is an honor to know our products help to make it all possible with clear, early imagery of the unborn children. To help contribute to the magic of new life and women health, SonoScape attended the 16th International Conference of Clinical Ultrasonography in Practice (CUSP) in Chennai, ut editing. Or P50’s S-Guide software to help guide the ultrasound operator through the examination by providing a checklist for the exam and example images to reference.

Officers and Distinguished Guests at Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony